Written August 19, 2008
I just saw TOWELHEAD at tonight's advance press screening - and I have to THANK director Alan Ball for having the guts to make this WONDERFUL emotionally thematically complex controversial movie-adaptation of Alicia Erian's novel. He was brave enough to tackle 'taboo' topics such as hate/racism, teen sexuality, pedophilia, parental abuse, oppression, and in the process rocked our apathetic rumps and made us think! Imagine that - a movie that makes us THINK, AND FEEL. TOWELHEAD is THE 'American Beauty' of this decade. It has a GREAT cast and the movie with riveting cinematography was excellently directed . From the outset, the movie grabbed you and sucked you right in - so that you empathize with the characters and their individual predicaments. There is a depth to them that is seldom seen in movies nowadays. A standing ovation for newcomer Summer Bishil who gave a powerful performance as Jasira. This is a MUST-SEE movie - for those who TRULY appreciates GOOD movies.
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"TOWELHEAD” [a/k/a “NOTHING IS PRIVATE”] -- UN-covering hidden problems. =

By jimchudnow
Written August 26, 2008
This film (seen with a q&a by writer/director ALAN BALL who wrote “American Beauty”) is a deeply SERIOUS depiction of problems including various types of abuse suffered by the 13-year-old daughter of a Christian Arab man (PETER MACDISSI) living in the U.S. at the time of the first Iraqi war. On one hand, it’s almost maddening the way she (played by SUMMER BISHIL) seems so incredibly uninformed, naive and oblivious to the world and actions by people around her (including a creepy neighbor strongly played by AARON ECKHART); the word “No!” doesn’t seem to exist in her world. But, as Ball commented, “I see her as a heroine— a SURVIVOR” in that, at the end, “she stood up for herself” & “the girl is not DESTROYED” and “she’d found INNER strength & she’s not really a victim”. Understand my recommendation is based upon the fine challenging ACTING & story-telling in this film (which isn't “easy” to take, and you must be aware of its exceptionally explicit R-rated nature in even going to see it)
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By GKeir
Written September 15, 2008
This is one of the best movies I have seen in years. A serious and cynical drama that only Alan Ball could make. The type of film that makes you think.....think about for days. American Beauty kicked up a few notches. Acting is superb. Production design and editing are wonderful. If you crave seriously good films, go. GO see this movie!
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Funny and touching

By Moviedude
Written October 02, 2008
This movie was funny and touching. The story was very believable in a quirky weird sort of way, and the connections made to real life were spot-on. Well-acted, Aaron Eckhart in a much different role, Summer Bishil was fantastic. Great movie, one of the year's best
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By dandoosha101
Written June 26, 2008
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