Heartfelt, Awkward, Visually Stunning

By macklinm
Written January 18, 2017
This movie manages to tell an original story while capturing the essence of Seattle and all its quirkiness very poignantly. A massage therapist, Abby (Dewitt) finds herself unable to touch anyone while her until now underwhelming dentist brother Paul (Pais) suddenly is being heralded as a magical healer of TMJ. Jenny as Ellen Page is wonderful as always as Paul's daughter and floundering young adult trapped at home by her fear of hurting her father's feelings. Throw in Scoot McNairy as Abby's hipster cyclist boyfriend and this is a rock solid main cast. Tomo Nakayama as Henry (and his wonderful original music) as a love interest for Jenny and all bets are off. Lynn Shelton is well known for giving actors room to play around with the script making it their own and this shows here in a wonderful way. This movie will make you laugh and possibly weep a little, but isn't that what a good film is supposed to do? Go see it, run to the theater if you must.
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