Was it just a dream?!

By pbtran
Written August 04, 2012
Only thing missing is a cameo appearance of The Governator SchwarZenEgger! The special effects are definitely way better than the 1990 original; but should have kept the original storyline on traveling to Mars theme, especially with NASA's Curiosity Mars Science Lab robot landing coming up! Overall, the action and special effects make this movie a MUST see with friends, family or ignificant other!
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Total ReCall

By platospup
Written June 26, 2016
Had I not seen the oringinal, i would have liked the movie more, It closely scripted to the first, then seperated. The visuals reminded me of Blade Runner. But the action was too much to take and so much violence then the first movie with the Gov. It had great visual effects but that a movie does not make.I was at the 2:30 showing in NYC and movie house was almost full. Go see it if you want. I was only inmpressed by the visuals not the script
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A Bad Recall

By ryster
Written May 27, 2016
Total Recall was not worth the money. I can not recall the last time I saw such a bad remake. Not even close to the original story and acting was not all the best. There were some good action sequences that were decent but not well enough to keep the movie going at the same pace. The "1990" version was to smart and had better dialogue. I see nothing with this "2012" version to recall.
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Predictable in spots but overall a good movie

By Roman Weaver
Written May 25, 2016
It was as I expected. Good movie with the right amount of action in the right places. Got off to a good start but did not tell enough of the back story in the beginning or wrap it up in the end either. It was predictable in spots but overall a good movie. I would see it again.
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Great remake BUT!.....

By rasnmimi
Written August 06, 2012
Like the original but better ..... acting, graphic's, action, and story. BUT .... once again Hollywood, as with TV, finds it amusing to use My [Lord and Gods] name in vain. The name of {JESUS CHRIST} is not a swear word. It is not a descriptive word to be used to vent feelings. Yes I am christen and Yes I am tried of this. I hope I never become so thoughtless as to start using (Allah's name or Yahweh's name or any other realigons deities name) as a CRUSE word. Please if you must be so rude, than warn us by putting a listing as: [ JC NAME USED IN VAIN] next to the PG or R or G rating, than I and hopefully other christens will be able to save some money. And TV people ..... please do the same before shows. I have had to stop watching many TV shows, [which I thought were good shows], due to your disrespect for the name of GOD. Please Grow up.
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