By Dinabeanna
Written August 05, 2012
We were so psyched to see Total Recall. The movie critic was blown away by the action. Yes, the action and graphics were good. The acting was horrible, Kate Beckinsale was terrible! So yeah, it was Ehhh.. We should have seen Batman!
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Total Recall a no go?

By PlayerAffinity
Written August 04, 2012
Honestly, there’s nothing egregious about the film, just a lot of stuff that’s arbitrary. The story packs no surprises except for those unfamiliar with the Paul Verhoeven original, so it feels at times formulaic and predictable, but it masks it all effectively with distracting and creative visuals. The film is never boring or silly (actually, it’s rather humorless, especially in comparison to the original), just a bit uninspired. To read the rest of the review go to
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They could make it into a special effects demo-reel and save a lot of time....

By MKalvin
Written August 03, 2012
Saw it at the midnight show on Thursday night expecting to see a remake of the same, often campy ideas of the original and was largely disappointed--this movie requires adolescence and inexperience and if you lack those things, sitting through it is not for the faint of heart. There was a lot of action, there were great sets and special effects. Hollywood is getting better and better at integrating computer-generated images into movies to produce scenes in fantastic places, but so what? The point of the movie is the script and this one was nothing like original; carrying over too many thinly-disguised elements from other, better action movies; with Minority Report and Inception as the list-leaders. If you had been raised in a monastery and this was the first action-movie you had ever seen, it would be a brilliant, life-changing experience for you. If you've seen anything else, well, then it's not the best.
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Total "waste of time"

By doctorb4
Written August 04, 2012
Well, if you like a video game of just "shootem up, explosions, and fires" (rinse and repeat) then you will love this (poor excuse of a ) movie. But for anyone else, bring a pillow and take a nap. The above description is all it is. Total recall is total forgettable. A 12 year old could have wrote and directed this piece of c---p.
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Was it just a dream?!

By pbtran
Written August 04, 2012
Only thing missing is a cameo appearance of The Governator SchwarZenEgger! The special effects are definitely way better than the 1990 original; but should have kept the original storyline on traveling to Mars theme, especially with NASA's Curiosity Mars Science Lab robot landing coming up! Overall, the action and special effects make this movie a MUST see with friends, family or ignificant other!
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