Serviceable, but uninspired

By grrbach
Written December 26, 2014
Borrows all the memorable scenes from the original, but, other than special effects, doesn't add anything new or unique. If you're going to remake a successful film, a borderline cult classic, why bother if you can't come up with anything fresh? As with the original, logic & sense don't have much of a place. The motivation for the villain, Cohaagen, is preposterous, and the threatened "invasion" would be undone if one character would just stop posing for the camera and think. The one small upside for me was Kate Beckinsale. Her Terminator-esque/assassin take on the role originally performed by Sharon Stone, has its moments, but not enough to turn my thumb up. Still, if you can enjoy the eye-candy (depending on you bent—Beckinsale, Biels, or Farrell), it's not a complete waste of time. A borderline No/So-So.
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Kate Beckinsale is an action movie goddess

By forager23
Written August 04, 2012
A movie about the love of a man for a woman -- in this case the man is action movie director Len Wiseman and the woman is his wife, action movie goddess Kate Beckinsale. She's the bad guy here, and she gets all the best lines, poses, moments: the movie worships her, and I am now definitely a convert. Apart from Beckinsale, there's not too much that is outstanding about the movie (though the action sequences are nicely done), and it has absolutely nothing of the wit and genius of the original. As a sci-fi movie, it doesn't really earn its right to exist, but as a Beckinsale vehicle it will more than do.
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I wanted my money back so, so bad

By alliecarl2002
Written March 07, 2015
The plot was not there. You did not care about the characters at all. I wanted Colin Farrell and Jessica Biehl to just go away.How do you make a remake and then not at least make some of the movie interesting so it could stand on its own. What was with the Underworld cast reunion, Len Weisman (director), his wife, Kate Beckinsale and Bill Nighy. All cast and crew from Underworld... Wink, wink, sadly wink. If you want a movie that makes you feel like you have a good time with a sci-fi action flick this is NOT the movie you want to go and see.
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perfectly adequate

By tksing
Written August 03, 2012
It was a good movie not great but good. I cant say i really want to see it again but im glad i saw it the first time. personally i liked it better then the first one and for those who believe that statement is akin to blasphemy please realize that while the old one was great for its time if that version had been released today it would have been a laughing stock. the action and story is good but it seemed to be missing something. still a good movie though
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Go to Total Recall

By Made in Eagle River
Written August 05, 2012
This movie in very different from the first one. It's similarity ends with the planting of the false vacation memories in someone who has already been "programmed". Colin FerrelL is a great lead and there is lots of action. I strongly recommend Total Recall.
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