Great remake BUT!.....

By rasnmimi
Written August 06, 2012
Like the original but better ..... acting, graphic's, action, and story. BUT .... once again Hollywood, as with TV, finds it amusing to use My [Lord and Gods] name in vain. The name of {JESUS CHRIST} is not a swear word. It is not a descriptive word to be used to vent feelings. Yes I am christen and Yes I am tried of this. I hope I never become so thoughtless as to start using (Allah's name or Yahweh's name or any other realigons deities name) as a CRUSE word. Please if you must be so rude, than warn us by putting a listing as: [ JC NAME USED IN VAIN] next to the PG or R or G rating, than I and hopefully other christens will be able to save some money. And TV people ..... please do the same before shows. I have had to stop watching many TV shows, [which I thought were good shows], due to your disrespect for the name of GOD. Please Grow up.
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Total success

By occasioterian
Written August 29, 2016
I loved the original movie and I enjoyed this remake just as much if not more! It's a non-stop action without any drama. It does follow the plot of the original movie very closely with new special effects. All actors are really good in this movie. It achieves the suspension of disbelief very fast and very easy. The smart plot gives legitimacy to the fast pace, which in turn keeps you involved throughout the movie. If you want a good action sci-fi this summer, this is your movie!
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By lisasnowhagner
Written March 25, 2017
If you can get through the constant filth that flows out of their mouth - then you get to the part where the woman bares her chest containing three naked disgusting breasts - I don't know what happened after that because we got up and walked out!
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Totally Unphased

By Super MovieBear
Written May 06, 2016
Big budget action, incredible effects and a good cast can't save this movie. Why you ask? It simply takes itself far too seriously. Don't get me wrong, I will admit I am generally no fan of Colin Farrell. He does a decent job. Kate Beckinsale steals the movie as a raging, tactically efficient combat b*tch (had she performed like this in Underworld series we'd all be better off). Jessica Biel is meh. I digress. The biggest pain of the movie is that it never pauses for a simple laugh or joke. The characters never stop even for a split-second to acknowledge how weird it was that they just had a shootout in zero gravity, or narrowly escaped death for the 15th time. It just keeps pushing the pace, and it's simply not good enough to do that.
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The Reboots need to stop

By ghostriderfan
Written August 10, 2012
Saw the reboot of Total Recall, and needless to say I was disappointed this movie took itself way too serious. The action was good, but where the hell was the story. Having seen the 1990 Paul Verhoeven version I went in hoping it be an improvement, well it wasn't. This film lacked humor unlike the first one which had humor peppered throughout and I missed Mars and Kuato which was completely absent in this version. The only way I can describe this film is it was a little bit of Blade Runner, IRobot, Minority Report & The Fifth Element. Whatever Director Len Wiseman was going for was lost, actually we don't know what he was going for. Bottom line this film is at best a wait for cable. I'm sorry I paid for this garbage.
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