• Released
  • April 8, 2005
  • NR
  • Comedy Drama
    Period Film
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By Andrew O'Hehir
This delicious little period piece from Spanish writer-director Pablo Berger is like one of those really expensive chocolates, where you start out expecting a brief sugar buzz and end up surprised by the sophistication and delicacy of the flavor.
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New York Daily News

By Elizabeth Weitzman
The result is a highly amusing folly, rendered with a surprisingly gentle affection.
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New York Post

By Lou Lumenick
Slyly funny.
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Frank Scheck
Possesses a lighthearted quality that makes it rather enjoyable.
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TV Guide

By Ken Fox
Raunchy without ever devolving into flat-out prurience, Berger's oddly sweet comedy perfectly captures the naivete of the era and the unexpected wholesomeness of some of its adult entertainment.
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Seattle Post-Intelligencer

By Bill White
Deepened by the socioeconomic undercurrent that suggests the lengths to which workers are forced to prostitute themselves to survive corporate downsizing.
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By Patrick Peters
This is a gentle, camp but nonetheless revealing satire on how a nation circumvented the social strictures imposed upon it by Franco's fading fascist regime.
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Ruthe Stein
Has the slapped-together, cheesy look of a porno movie. While this could be distracting, the shoddiness sets the mood for a humorous spin on the European porn industry circa early 1970s.
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Austin Chronicle

By Marc Savlov
All this and not a glimmer of General Franco makes for a surreal – and sporadically inspired – comedy of Spanish mores back when naughty was nice.
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Entertainment Weekly

By Owen Gleiberman
Has the dubious distinction of being just about the mildest porno comedy ever made. It's like something the teenage Pedro Almodóvar might have written to shock his 10th-grade creative writing teacher.
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62 out of 100
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