to Rome With Love

By carx15
Written October 24, 2012
I am not a big fan of wood allen, but it was a rainy day, so what else but another matinee. I like this movie and thought it very clever how plots and characters intertwined. Nice shots of Rome, but so it has looked for millenia, nothing new there. I must say, the only irritante was Alec Baldwin, he seemed confused and interfering to the point of hoping the movie moves onto the next scene. Does he have a big ego or is it just me.? And, the scene of Woody on the airplane was pleasantly ridiculous. This guy is nuts. An intellectual nut. Want a couple of care free hours, check it out.
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By cendo
Written July 27, 2012
Absolutely the worst, slowest, pointless movie I have ever seen. It was a struggle to get through, but was on a date. Bad!
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sad sense of humor

By gcjavier
Written September 04, 2012
sad sense of humor / woody allen bad performance / uniteresting story
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Woody Allen

By E_Four_Six
Written July 24, 2012
Love Woody, love the backdrop, love the opera singer; could have done without ALL the other characters!
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To Rome with Love

By otustani
Written June 25, 2012
A delightful and amusing movie! I both laughed and smiled at various points of the movie.
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