Stupid and Inane

By shanamaidel
Written July 13, 2012
After Midnight in Paris, I was really looking forward to this one. But there was little humor and just Allen's stupid, banal lack of entertainment. I had given Allen credit on finally reaching a mature audience. This was disappointing at best. A waste of time and money.
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Save your $$$

By plwikie
Written July 15, 2012
Not sure which is worse, the dialog or the acting. Such a hugh disappointment, Disjointed storyline that never comes together. Shame shame shame to all involved.
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Half good

By curleycue
Written July 22, 2012
Ok, if you are not a WA fan you will probably not like this movie. If you are, you'll probably half like it, like me. It's like WA had a few spare ideas floating in his head, and, because he realizes he is not getting any younger, took this opportunity to pop them into a movie before it's too late. This movie is roughly half in Italian and half in English. I enjoyed the story lines that were in Italian much more than the English ones, and Roberto stole the show. Alec Baldwin should not have been been chosen for his role - I would think Jerry Seinfeld would have been much better. To summarize, not a great movie, but better than most of the drivel out there these days.
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Ode to Rome

By pedsarq
Written June 25, 2012
Once again, Allen proves that he can write dialogue like few can. This is not one of his best movies. The storyline lacks focus and creativity, but just about every other aspect of this movie is very much the work of a master. The city of Rome, for example, is the muse for this story and Woody is clearly as inspired by it as he is with Manhattan. The traffic, the architecture, the history, the stereotypes, the leftist politics, the art and the artist, etc. He loves it and shows us every one of his favorite corners. The camerawork is mesmerizing. If anything, see this movie for Rome. Woody loves it and he goes all out to show it to us. However, if you go into it wanting more, you'll probably be disappointed. The actors just seem to be going through the motions of being in a Woody Allen movie rather than really being in one. You won't be too bored, however, since you can always just focus on Rome in the background and be thoroughly entertained.
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Loved it and Woody is a treat in the film

By pcourter
Written July 12, 2012
I found the film very funny and interesting. Woody dips into his file cabinet for 4 different story ideas and most of them work. It is worth the price of admission for just the scene when Woody shakes hands with the undertaker.
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