to rome with love

By paulporterus
Written November 24, 2013
though it got a lot of bad reviews from yahoos. my wife and I loved it It is a fantasy and and a alloeory about the stupidy of the current obesession with fame I don't know why critics lover "Midnght and not "rome" it is Classic Woody Allen. Either you like him or not,but name another American movie director who has the balls to make a movi like this
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Nothing Here To Love

By IWantMyMoneysWorth
Written August 02, 2012
The worst Woody Allen movie ever, and will certainly force him into permanent retirement, or at least one can hope.
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Beautiful breezy satiric charmer is a must-rent

By movieswithgregandchrisFB
Written August 22, 2012
Bashed by critics who want it deeper & more layered, I thought it was clear that Woody Allen had no such intention. Instead, he seemed aim for something more like an Italian gelato – light, delightful, colorful, easy on the palate. Set in modern Rome, it brings Allen’s old narrative style of different groups of people whose lives playfully intersect, with lots of welcome old-school Allen zingers, which thinly conceal satiric, cutting critiques of both the crass low-brow media-driven instant fame of reality-TV & the overstuffed pretensions of the high-brow opera world, with his trademark study of relationships & adultery. This is a welcome blend of old New York Allen like HANNAH AND HER SISTERS, set in Allen’s new European settings that both he and his new audience have been enamored with since MATCH POINT. Like a good summer beach novel, this richly shot cute Allen charmer is a must-rent if you like clever dialogue, sexy fun, and incisive social satire blended into a breezy bundle.
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Loved it

Written October 06, 2012
If you like W.A. films and are intelligent enough to not take everything at face value, check it out. Enjoyable poke at pop culture and a few of our human conditions. Was hesitant about Alec Baldwinbut he pulled it off nicely to my surprise.
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to Rome With Love

By carx15
Written October 24, 2012
I am not a big fan of wood allen, but it was a rainy day, so what else but another matinee. I like this movie and thought it very clever how plots and characters intertwined. Nice shots of Rome, but so it has looked for millenia, nothing new there. I must say, the only irritante was Alec Baldwin, he seemed confused and interfering to the point of hoping the movie moves onto the next scene. Does he have a big ego or is it just me.? And, the scene of Woody on the airplane was pleasantly ridiculous. This guy is nuts. An intellectual nut. Want a couple of care free hours, check it out.
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