Waste of Time

By waltb3
Written July 10, 2012
Half way through this movie my wife and I wanted to walk out. It seemed to me that the movie was made without any thought given to to the screenplay, character development or story line.
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The WORST film WA has ever made..!

By DSteve1050
Written July 14, 2012
I am a HUGE Woody Allen fan....and I nearly got up and left about half way through this trainwreck of a film. It's sad that Mr. Allen even thinks that his fans would accept this as a work of art. It's garbage.
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This is a good movie

By gordonwylie
Written July 19, 2012
I disagree with some of these reviews. This is a very good movie. A lot is going on here and to paraphrase a scene in the movie that maybe the director does not want you to understand this movie because like life; it is too hard to understand. The movie is interesting, fun, cute and quirky. You will be entertained and perhaps leave happier than when you went in. The cast is great and it will make you want to visit Rome. What more could someone ask from a movie.
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If you like Woody Allen go.

By why_me
Written July 08, 2012
This is not his best in recent years with Woody playing Woody, Jesse playing Woody, and an little know Italian playing Woody. The only character not playing Woody is Alec Baldwin who was a lot of fun to watch.
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Funny and Charming

By wepabrendy
Written June 26, 2012
I really enjoyed To Rome with Love. The movie revolved around four different stories that were all so weird making them hilarious. There was never a dull moment and I had a smile from beginning to end. It was delightful to see Rome in the big screen specially if you have been to Rome. Just see it, you wont regret it I guarantee.
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