The adjective I ultimately chose for this movie: "Disappointing"

By hommex
Written July 02, 2012
I'm a long, long-time Woody Allen fan. I go to each of his movies with hope ... gratitude for the delights he's given me in the past, and forgiveness for the duds or moments of dud-ness. During this film -- despite chuckles and some cleverness -- I found myself wondering which adjective was more apt: "annoying" or "irritating." Self-indulgent lack of even basic internal logic -- don't even get me started about Alec Baldwin's character's interactions ... or various stretched-too-thin plot points and characters. In the end, I was kinder -- merely "disappointing" -- because (a) i was, in fits and starts, entertained, and (b) I'm still a fan and admirer. But for the non-Woody Allen fan: stay home in the air conditioning and have some chilled watermelon. If you don't speak "Woody", this film is not going to please you.
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To Rome With Love

By Peneflix
Written July 05, 2012
Is an abomination, travesty, an insult to the craft of filmmaking and a humiliating example of a auteur (Woody Allen) gone amuck. Out of respect for my, if at times limited, but still viable insights; I am composing this review in 15 minutes (which is approximately 14 more than it deserves.) 1) All the men in the film are clones of "Woody Allen" at some point in his life. 2) All the women represent the "forbidden fruit" he has either owned or held in a time/share. 3) The blatant metaphors for "fame", "misplaced adoration", "insignificance of the adored", "press power"; are bludgeoning at the Machiavellian, ad nauseam, level. 4) Puccini ("Tosca"), Leoncavallo ("Pagliacci"), Modugno ("Volare") are fortunately not alive to witness the desecration, "drowning" of their masterpieces. 5) Rome did not deserve this, nor did the audience! ONE STAR! BECAUSE OF THE SOUND TRACK For Now.....Peneflix ***Visit!!!
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To Rome With Love not this movie

By Haojile
Written July 09, 2012
Not nearly enough of Rome, the multitude of imbecilc poorly acted story lines left you laughing only because they were so cliche. There were ways that many of the vignettes could have been made clever or iteresting but that seemed no to be the point, After Midnight in Paris one was hoping for an equally soft and clever winding of a story and ending up with love-ha, not this one. Insulting to Italians, Catholics, Jews, politically unpopular....guess I am uncharacteristically aggrevated because the movie insults the viewer who has paid - and I don't like that--respect shoul go both ways.
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to rome with love

By morris1264
Written July 15, 2012
woody allen is the best american comedian since chaplin.I still laugh and crywhen i see his movies.he is a master of the absurd.a reflection of ourselves.i can only say that is is a damn shame that a lot of critics are out of touch with reality.Many of them are consistently good,the rest are really clueless.hurray for woody allen.
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Good movie

By marbig
Written July 16, 2012
I am a little surprised by the cluster of very bad reviews on this movie. Yes, it is not among the best of WA's movies. It is a regular WA movie, which means it is clever and entertaining. It has been said that everybody was playing WA in this movie, including the little known Italian. The "little known" Italian is Roberto Begnini, Oscar Award Winner as the director of Life is Beautiful and one of the great directors of our time! He is hysterical! Woddy is also very funny. Yes, each character had something of the key elements of WA`s previous work, including fear of death, hypochondria, adultery, etc...But this is exactly what makes the movie interesting. As a long time WA admirer, I took the movie for what it is. Not a strong master piece, but very entertaining and worth watching.And the soundtrack and visual are outstanding!!!!!! I would ordinarily rank this movie as a GO. But ranks should happen in context. Relative to the mediocrity out there, it is certainly a MUST GO.
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