By rothjess
Written December 28, 2014
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Skip it!

By SkrentnySpeaks
Written July 25, 2012
Skip it. I have watched Storm Chasers for years, and I have cheered on Sean Casey hoping he would get the shot. When he did I was happy for him and couldn't wait to see the movie. Now I wish he wouldn't have captured that shot so I wouldn't have waisted $40 taking the family to watch Storm Chasers on 70mm film. What a waste. Seriously, you didn't have any better footage of other tornados? And then you only showed the footage of the direct hit once. Not even two showings of your footage? Hunt for the Supertwister on NOVA is better, as is the average Storm Chasers episode. Such a disappointment. Read more: [BLOCKED WEBSITE]
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Great overall-but not like the show!

By Lola4Mayor
Written June 05, 2011
Do not go in expecting Storm Chasers!! This is more about Vortex 2 than the tornadoes themselves. It does feature some fabulous shots though. I really liked that it showed how V2 collected data and how they used it to help people. The only thing I didn't like was Casey. He made it clear he was only searching for the "perfect shot". He didn't collect data or help V2 in any way. Overall, this was a great movie that I would definitely watch again. Casey's a bit of a douche, but I knew that from the show.
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By john baker
Written April 29, 2016
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By The critic Rater
Written June 03, 2015
The movie was alright. It was a little boring at some parts.
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