Incredibly Disappointing!

By treese1974
Written March 20, 2011
I am an avid viewer of the TV show Storm Chasers and couldn't wait for this film from Sean Casey. The film was so sad. Sad because through the show we know the passion, courage and committment of the director to make it, yet the final product was terrible. People were sleeping it was so boring. I can't believe they wasted so much of the 50 precious minutes of IMAX screen time on close ups of the Vortex 2 Principle Investigator and his vehicles. They missed the mark that the TV show always makes in showing the excitement of the chase, even when it ends up being a near miss. It is more a dumbed down infomercial for the Vortex 2 project than anything else and it left me feeling like the film had been co-opted by the funders. Sean Casey must have hundreds of awe inspiring shots of close up tornados, yet mabye only 8 were shown in the film and the long awaited intercept was a tragic anti-climax. On film, it doesn't look like more than strong wind and rain. Complete bummer!
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Don't bother

By wade0435
Written August 05, 2015
I have a feeling Josh Wurman had too much influence in the making of this movie. It should have had a LOT more tornado footage. Very disappointing! Maybe someday he (Casey) will put together ALL of the tornado footage he shot over those many years and make a much better movie.
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Don't be fooled by the commercials

By athenagrecian
Written December 18, 2014
I don't watch the shows that this comes from, but I heard from other people who do that the shows are equal if not better than this movie. I saw this with my dad at OSC and midway through the thing, I apologized to him. All of that anticipation and the "money shot" wasn't even worth a dollar. We should've seen the other IMAX offerings there. I think I liked the footage/storyline of the meteorologists more than that of the tornado hunter guy. Only thing cool about his story was the vehicle he used and his super medic military do-all sidekick. The film kindof did a disservice to the tornado's might. If they didn't picture the aftermath of the storm, one would think the tornado is harmless based on the footage.
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By danazar
Written February 12, 2016
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By rothjess
Written June 27, 2016
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