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A Thrilling Educational Film!

By soentertaindotme
Written November 10, 2011
From the very start of the movie with the scenes of the land on a typical day, the viewer is quickly swept away by not only the amazing shots, but the visual clarity of the IMAX process. The shots of tornadoes on the ground were absolutely breathtaking. Now, some footage had been shown over the years on “Stormchasers,” but the traditional TV format absolutely and totally fails to give the IMAX camera any justice. When you see a tornado on the ground, and the havoc it causes on an IMAX screen, one is truly hit with the awesome and fearful power of these storms. To those who attempt to detract from this film, by claiming that is is strictly a big screen version of the TV show, my recommendation is that they need to check out the movie before passing uninformed judgments. The storyline and presentation style is completely and totally different from the TV show, and any similarities end with the fact that some of the same people have appeared in both full review at
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Tornado Alley 3D review

By Sandra815k
Written November 05, 2011
Fascinating and educational. Loved seeing the end result of what I've watched being filmed on Storm Chasers from the beginning.
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