Torn Synopsis
An unexpected bond forms between two women when their sons are killed in an explosion at a local shopping mall.
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Wonderful Character Portrayals

By judybirnkrant
This movie portrays two very different mothers at the beginning, who must deal with a terrible tragedy and their evolving relationship. The haunting story keeps you going and the ending could not be...


By jillgiattino
This is a superb movie that touches on many faces of bigotry and fear of other and raises many questions about the scary world of terrorism that we live in. The relationships between the two mothers...


By donnacephas
Amazing film in every way. Story is compelling human narrative and very important for all of us, has much to say about how we need to find commonality and not be silent in the face of prejudice and...


By ergow
Powerful film, with a message that needs to be heard. Director Jeremiah Birnbaum draws deeply touching performances from his actors, and the emotional impact is underscored by exquisite...

Compelling drama

By bac2fut
I loved this movie which sends you on an emotional roller coaster. This drama explores teenage angst and societal prejudices. Great acting and unexpected plot twists kept me engrossed to the end....


By janelazarre
A powerful story about two mothers and their love for their teenage sons who are both killed in a bombing, all they dont know about their sons, are powerless to help, yet love is unconditional and...

Excellent Movie with a relevant message

By patriknelson
Timely film about how we are able to come together in a time of crisis irrespective of ethnicity and religious beliefs. A real-life perspective on how to deal with loss as well as how quick people...

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