• Detective Film


Torchy Runs for Mayor stars Glenda Farrell as fast-lipped newspaper reporter Torchy Blaine. In possession of a crooked political boss' "little red book" of crimes and misdemeanors, Torchy can't convince any of the newspapers in her city to print the contents. She has to rely on a small-town weekly, The South End Blotter, to convey the evidence against the ward heeler. The revelations result in a recall election for mayor. Torchy's city editor (Barton MacLaine), angered at her defection to the Blotter, jokingly enters Torchy's name as a mayoral candidate. She wins, but not before the small-town editor is murdered and the political boss is blown up in one of his own booby traps. Torchy Runs for Mayor is the eighth in Warner Bros' series of B-films based on characters created by Frederick Nebel. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

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