Greatest Aviation Fiction

By jacecolon
Written March 25, 2017
This is simply the greatest fictional aviation film of all time. For anyone with any interest in aviation at all, this is a must see. How can anyone pass on the chance to see such a classic on the big screen and in IMAX 3D at that. Though obviously not filmed in 3D it was still pretty impressive. I agree with other reviewers, seeing on big screen allows you see details I've never noticed before.
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Updated classic

By slw723
Written April 29, 2017
I've loved this movie since it came out and jumped at the chance to see it in 3D. Loved the flight scenes in 3D. The downside is the glasses you have to wear to watch.
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Still Amazing!!!

By christina.steach
Written April 30, 2017
I grew up watching this movie and just saw it in 3D yesterday and it is still AMAZING! There are of course several details which are now out dated and maybe the captions at the beginning which state the movie takes place in present day was a mistake ... the story of friends, classmates, love, mentors/instructors, etc. - all so well written and acted. I love the new romance where the two share short, unformed sentences and awkward moments which is very realistic of a new romance. To the best friends which can complete each other's sentences and call each other family. Loved the movie from beginning to end!
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Top Gun in 3D

By Felina172
Written March 24, 2017
Not only love the movie with the great music and beautiful plane scenes but really like the 3D effect.
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Even better in 3D

By Ravzie
Written August 28, 2016
Okay, so it's not the greatest movie ever made, but it's one I've always enjoyed. It was not made as a 3d film, so there isn't all sorts of things coming out at your face. But I enjoyed the feeling of the dimension in the regular scenes and the airplane sequences were pretty cool. I'm not sure it's worth the high price of admission, but if you are a big fan with a Fandango gift card, go for it.
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