By sifr
Written August 31, 2015
If you appreciate the awesomeness of 80's movies, then you'll see this for the rare treat it was. There is only one night left (tonight!) so you better go before you can't! The noise from the jets sounded like you were right there waving them off into flight, and the picture is of course better than its ever been. I laughed at all the old jokes, and even some new ones, like the first shot, aerial of an aircraft carrier with subtitles: "Indian Ocean, Present Day" hahaha - present day!! It was like a time machine - right back to the 80's. If you can make it, you should absolutely go. :>
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Finally! 3D done right.

By ALFDragone
Written August 31, 2015
This review is less of the movie, and more of the 3D. Top Gun is the 1986 classic that we all know, with its tense aerial combat and high-strung cold war era military. The content has not changed. What is new with this presentation is the outstanding 3D. This is, hands down, the best 3D I have seen in any movie, natively filmed or converted. The 3D is so superb that would strongly encourage people to see this release of Top Gun even if they do not like the Top Gun in order to see 3D done right. There are so many little details that the 3D conversions artists at Legend 3D did so well that you almost don't notice them. That is, they have none of the jagged little incongruent details that are present in so many 3D films and force you to constantly remember you are watching an effect. My best example of this is the glass canopies of the F-14s. The canopy is a separate layer from the people inside the cockpit, as it is in real life. I urge you to see this movie and see 3D done right.
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Great on the big screen!

By robholder
Written November 27, 2015
So much fun to see in a high quality digital format and back on a big screen! Saw it when I was a kid in the theater, wore out the VHS watching it over the years, fun to get to experience the theater sound, one liners, and solid 3D (considering it wasn't shot in 3D).
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Top Gun IMAX 3D

By bucknelltwo
Written November 29, 2015
This experience was EXCELLENT the whole way around !!! Top Gun is even better in IMAX 3D ! go see it. bring your friends, wear your aviators, Top Gun hats and Leather jackets !
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Brilliant Conversion of a Great Movie.

By SrBluTeam
Written February 09, 2013
This is a limited-time release that you must go see if you can. Top Gun was already a great movie that showed off the F-14 in its heyday. The digital and 3D conversion makes it an entirely new movie worth seeing.
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