Back with a Vengeance

By brianmed5
Written October 28, 2013
Top Gun is back on the big screen, this time in a digitally enhanced format and crispier imaging that will leave attendees breathless. Once again Tom Cruise reprises the role that put him on the marque of Hollywood greatness as the hot headed pilot Maverick. Featuring adrenaline packed aerial acrobatics and jaw dropping dog fitghts, this film is definitely worth the price of admission. Only on limited release, Top Gun still rules the skies in terms of cinematography and acting which is sorely missed in today's Hollywood films.
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Top Gun IMAX 3D

By bucknelltwo
Written February 09, 2013
This experience was EXCELLENT the whole way around !!! Top Gun is even better in IMAX 3D ! go see it. bring your friends, wear your aviators, Top Gun hats and Leather jackets !
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Great on the big screen, amazing audio, 3D not so much

By Mr_M
Written February 09, 2013
• Fun to see in the theatre again after first seeing Top Gun as a kid. • Even having seen the movie dozens of times, seeing it again on the big screen revealed more details that I hadn't noticed before. • Audio quality excellent, overshadows the 3D visuals. • Not that I expected it to be but the 3D not that impressive at all. Would have been happy with just the big screen and the excellent audio. • Worth seeing if TG one of your favorites!
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3D was positive

By Grampy01
Written February 10, 2013
I've seen the old movie several times, but I still enjoyed the movie again with the 3D added. The flying parts were especially good. The film still appeared grainy.
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Awesomer than the original

By Jlisee2002
Written February 09, 2013
I feel the need. The need for 3D. Wow, I never thought I could love this 80's classic more than I already did, but last night's IMAX 3D experience took it to a whole new level. It was like I was seeing for for the first time. There were so many things I had never noticed and things that just exploded on the screen. If you are like me and my wife and love this film, you have to go see it while it's in IMAX.
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