Brilliant Conversion of a Great Movie.

By SrBluTeam
Written March 26, 2017
This is a limited-time release that you must go see if you can. Top Gun was already a great movie that showed off the F-14 in its heyday. The digital and 3D conversion makes it an entirely new movie worth seeing.
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A Welcomed Return

By 4Rest
Written March 23, 2017
This movie was great to see in IMAX! As usual, most movies that were not designed for 3D do not gain from this addition. So, I say it was great to see it with IMAX but don't expect anything special with the 3D.
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Back with a Vengeance

By brianmed5
Written April 23, 2017
Top Gun is back on the big screen, this time in a digitally enhanced format and crispier imaging that will leave attendees breathless. Once again Tom Cruise reprises the role that put him on the marque of Hollywood greatness as the hot headed pilot Maverick. Featuring adrenaline packed aerial acrobatics and jaw dropping dog fitghts, this film is definitely worth the price of admission. Only on limited release, Top Gun still rules the skies in terms of cinematography and acting which is sorely missed in today's Hollywood films.
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3D was positive

By Grampy01
Written January 19, 2017
I've seen the old movie several times, but I still enjoyed the movie again with the 3D added. The flying parts were especially good. The film still appeared grainy.
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By tdcdesigns
Written May 26, 2017
Oh Yeah Baby! I loved the film, then and now. This movie captured the kick a** 80s and I got to see it again with my kids who were born after the original came out. They loved it, I loved it, we had a great time. The 3D was awesome. I don't know what the reviewers are dissing it for but the 3D in the flight scenes was great and the added depth to all the scenes was cool. It's not the kind of 3D that makes you sick though ~ This movie had the sexiest love scene (that I remember) being shown to date back then. Sweet and kinda innocent by comparison to even TV nowadays. Acting was great & we all know it launched a bunch of careers: Cruise, Kilmer, Ryan, McGillis, Rossovick (my hearthrob) framed within established actors like, Tom Skerrit & Anthony Edwards. Director Tony Scott~RIP~ followed his success with TOP GUN with a dozen greats. Kids OK but there is the love scene & the, ahem, Cruise bun-hugger scene. We all know the movie ending but it still gets you.
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