Top Gun: An IMAX 3D Experience Synopsis
A hot-shot fighter pilot (Tom Cruise) competes to be the best at the Navy's prestigious training school 'Top Gun.'

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Top Notch

By JLPhoenix
I took my man last night to Top Gun at Imax. It's my guys all time favorite movie. I've only seen bit's and pieces of the movie over the years. I don't know why I've never seen the entire movie?!? ...

I've seen them all - this is the best!

By hoosbobbyt
I saw this movie on it's premiere day years ago, in 70mm, in VHS, in DVD, in Blu-Ray and in Digital Copy. Seeing this in IMAX 3D was incredible!! The fighter pilot scenes and the amazing technology...

Worth it for any fan

By ACN380
Being born in 1986, the dream of being able to see the very first movie I ever saw in my life in theaters was an impossible dream. After seeing it last night with low expectations of 3d, I was very...

Fantastic Fighter Flic - Lousy IMAX Glasses

By rolandescher
For the film and experience, Top Gun on IMAX 3D would score a perfect 10. Unfortunately, the flimsy, filthy and painful orange 3D glasses provided by the theater significantly dampened my viewing...

Finally! 3D done right.

By ALFDragone
This review is less of the movie, and more of the 3D. Top Gun is the 1986 classic that we all know, with its tense aerial combat and high-strung cold war era military. The content has not changed....


By sifr
If you appreciate the awesomeness of 80's movies, then you'll see this for the rare treat it was. There is only one night left (tonight!) so you better go before you can't! The noise from the jets...

Brilliant Conversion of a Great Movie.

By SrBluTeam
This is a limited-time release that you must go see if you can. Top Gun was already a great movie that showed off the F-14 in its heyday. The digital and 3D conversion makes it an entirely new movie...

Top Gun IMAX 3D

By bucknelltwo
This experience was EXCELLENT the whole way around !!! Top Gun is even better in IMAX 3D ! go see it. bring your friends, wear your aviators, Top Gun hats and Leather jackets !...

3D was positive

By Grampy01
I've seen the old movie several times, but I still enjoyed the movie again with the 3D added. The flying parts were especially good. The film still appeared grainy....

A Must See!!!

By mbarbuto4
This alltime favorite of ours was even more special in the IMAX 3D experience!!!! Why the studio hasn't chosen to advertise this special event is beyond me as the total experience was one that we...

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Rated PG | For Coarse Language
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Common Sense Media says Iffy for 12+ Exciting Tom Cruise classic has some intense scenes.
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