By mastone1977
Written September 30, 2016
was a very good movie to re-run in imax cant wait for more older movies in imax 3d
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Great 3-D Rendition

Written August 24, 2016
They did a great job of making this movie into a 3-D version. The flying scenes were very well done! We especially liked the fact that it was IMAX!! Makes the whole experience that much more enjoyable! Great movie, Great theater, Greater in IMAX! Go see the IMAX version if you get the chance. Especially if you appreciate Aviation.
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By 1rhhh
Written June 15, 2012
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By Richard_Neighbors
Written August 28, 2016
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An oldy but a goody

By kschipper621
Written June 14, 2008
This movie is a classic. If you've never seen it (you must have been born after 1980) then grab some popcorn and friends and watch the DVD. Tom Cruise delivers a great performance as a fighter pilot navigating his way through freindships and romance as well as air manuevours with Soviet MIGs. When this movie came out the Soviets were still the big bad Communist giant. Everything about this movie is still completely enjoyable today.
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