By Axxess51
Written January 23, 2010
This movie ROCKS ! Disney has out done themselves on this one ! The storyline and plot is one of the most orginal and best to come from disney in a long time. I have not seen this level of entertainment since The Pirates of the Carribbean. AWESOME MOVIE !!! MUST SEE !!!
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The Tooth Fairy

By mommamyers
Written January 23, 2010
Although the one liners were a bit cheesy; the movie is great. Wonderful for kids12 and under.
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Tooth Fairy review

By Therumrunner5
Written January 28, 2012
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the tooth Fairy

By algriswold
Written January 23, 2010
my kids (7 & 11) and I loved it. we plan on getting in on DVD when it comes out. The jokes werer great and with the 7 year just losing a tooth the week ago she had lots of questions that the movie really seemed to answer for her - she can't wait for the next tooth to come out now.
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Good Clean Family Fun!

By freightman1111
Written January 23, 2010
We took our 9 1/2 year old she loved it. It is always nice to see a family movie that is truely for the family. Dwayne Johnson is always funny. He is hilarious in the movie. We will definately get the dvd when it comes out.
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