Too Late Synopsis
Private investigator Mel Sampson (Academy Award nominee John Hawkes) is tasked with tracking down the whereabouts of a missing woman from his own past.
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Unbelievable Neo Noir

By elyurio
I'm sure a lot of comparisons to PULP FICTION will be made, but where Tarantino crams his full to the brim with craziness, Hauck lets his journey through seedy Los Angeles breathe a little more,...

Indie stunt Bores Rather Than Thrills

By atreyudaze
Nice performance by John Hawkes. Not much else to say....

Wish the camera moves didnt suck!

By Kathymilleratx
I felt sick to my stomach through most of this film. The camera swung back and forth on close shots between actors during very LONG conversations. It was the least effective, original and enjoyable...

By sstrohacker
Adopted some stylizing from Tarantino and Hitchcock but with less ability to move the audience. No real connection to characters even though I really wanted to. Love the concept and the style. Just...

Self-consciousky independent and clever

By elsalsahombre
I suppose there's a reason why some films are indie. They either can't adhere to genres or can't satirize them effectively and somehow end up somewhere in between mockery and B movie schlock. This is...

By wsucoug3
Worst movie in years. Terrible cinematography, even worse acting. The only reason I gave one star was because I think it is tragic for something to be a total waste or loss. Save your money AND date...