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By filthyeeriches
Written February 06, 2016
Won tickets to the screening of this movie. Didn't want to go. Don't like lines. Boy I'm glad I did. Well worth the wait. Loved this film. Very entertaining, start to finish. Saw it in Imax. Blown away. 130 minutes, too short. Could have been longer. I will pay to see it again. Went into it thinking it was a fantasy adventure, an eye dazzler, a fun time, and was not disappointed. Love Clooney as an actor. Tim Mcgraw was a good choice. We shared a small bag of popcorn between 3 of us and the movie was so riveting that we had half the bag left at the end. Those who give this film less then 5 stars went for the wrong reasons. Disney movies are made for extreme fun, not so much plots or storylines. They are for kids of all ages. I'm a 60 year old kid and have followed Disney since the early 60's. I'll say it again. I, we, loved this film and can't wait to see it again. Thank you Disney for a great 2 hours and 10 minutes. Don't believe the critics. It's their job to find flaws in movies.
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Bait and switch

By ken387
Written September 17, 2016
I went expecting a fun movie but it turned out to be a preachy global warming movie. Ok, I get it, we need to be aware of the environment, but can't I just watch a movie for fun without being hit with political issues? I felt duped as the cool previews pulled me in but once I was there I got the "evil humans will destroy the planet" speech. I half expected Al Gore to show up with a bit part. I should have known with George Clooney it was going to be liberal Hollywood propaganda. Very disappointed.
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By owenharper2
Written October 22, 2015
As this movie deals with hope for humanity, Republicans won't like it one bit.
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George Clooney

By movieperson817
Written August 11, 2015
Am I the only one who thinks that he's not really a good actor?
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By komingatya
Written March 10, 2016
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