Tom Clegg

Worked With

Year Name Title
1970 Joan Sims Carry On Loving
1970 Kenny Williams Carry On Loving
1970 Charles Hawtrey Carry On Loving
1970 Hattie Jacques Carry On Loving
1968 Leo McKern Decline and Fall... of a Bird Watcher
1968 Patrick Magee Decline and Fall... of a Bird Watcher
1968 Geneviève Page Decline and Fall... of a Bird Watcher
1968 Kenneth Griffith Decline and Fall... of a Bird Watcher
1968 Felix Aylmer Decline and Fall... of a Bird Watcher
1968 Victor Maddern Decline and Fall... of a Bird Watcher
1968 Donald Wolfit Decline and Fall... of a Bird Watcher
1968 Paul Rogers Decline and Fall... of a Bird Watcher
1968 Jeanne Moreau Great Catherine
1968 Jack Hawkins Great Catherine
1968 Kenneth Griffith Great Catherine
1968 Zero Mostel Great Catherine
1968 Marie Lohr Great Catherine
1968 Akim Tamiroff Great Catherine
1968 Peter O'Toole Great Catherine
1966 Gerald Thomas Carry On Screaming
1966 Kenny Williams Carry On Screaming
1966 Joan Sims Carry On Screaming
1966 Charles Hawtrey Carry On Screaming
1966 Marianne Stone Carry On Screaming
1965 Victor Maddern Carry On Cleo
1965 Charles Hawtrey Carry On Cleo
1965 Brian Oulton Carry On Cleo
1965 Kenny Williams Carry On Cleo
1965 Joan Sims Carry On Cleo
1964 Richard Wattis Carry On Spying
1964 Eric Pohlmann Carry On Spying
1964 Barbara Windsor Carry On Spying
1964 Kenny Williams Carry On Spying
1964 Eric Barker Carry On Spying
1964 Bernard Cribbins Carry On Spying
1964 Victor Maddern Carry On Spying
1964 Charles Hawtrey Carry On Spying
1963 Joan Sims Carry On Cowboy
1963 Percy Herbert Carry On Cowboy
1963 Charles Hawtrey Carry On Cowboy
1963 Kenny Williams Carry On Cowboy
1963 Glenda Jackson This Sporting Life
1963 Alan Badel This Sporting Life
1963 Richard Harris This Sporting Life
1963 Leonard Rossiter This Sporting Life
1963 Rachel Roberts This Sporting Life
1963 Arthur Lowe This Sporting Life
1962 Brian Oulton Roommates
1962 Victor Maddern Roommates
1962 Kenny Williams Roommates
1962 George Woodbridge Roommates
1962 Jill Ireland Roommates
1962 Eric Barker Roommates
1962 Liz Fraser Roommates
1962 Geoffrey Keen Roommates
1962 James Robertson Justice Roommates
1958 Eric Pohlmann Mark of the Phoenix
1958 Anton Diffring Mark of the Phoenix
1958 Esmond Knight Missiles from Hell
1958 Carl Jaffe Missiles from Hell
1958 Michael Rennie Missiles from Hell
1958 Peter Madden Missiles from Hell
1958 Patricia Medina Missiles from Hell
1958 Milly Vitale Missiles from Hell
1958 Christopher Lee Missiles from Hell
1956 Eddie Byrne The Extra Day
1956 Beryl Reid The Extra Day
1956 Jill Bennett The Extra Day
1956 Richard Basehart The Extra Day
1956 Laurence Naismith The Extra Day
1956 Bryan Forbes The Extra Day
1956 Simone Simon The Extra Day
1956 Dermot Walsh Hideout
1956 Sam Kydd Hideout
1956 Gregory Peck Moby Dick
1956 Mervyn Johns Moby Dick
1956 Orson Welles Moby Dick
1956 Christopher Lee Moby Dick
1956 Joan Plowright Moby Dick
1956 James Robertson Justice Moby Dick
1956 Royal Dano Moby Dick
1956 Leo Genn Moby Dick
1956 Richard Basehart Moby Dick
1956 Bernard Miles Moby Dick
1956 Harry Andrews Moby Dick
1956 Noel Purcell Moby Dick
1953 Eliot Makeham The Fake
1953 Coleen Gray The Fake
1953 John Laurie The Fake
1953 Guy Middleton The Fake
1953 Johnnie Schofield The Fake
1953 Dennis O'Keefe The Fake
1953 Billie Whitelaw The Fake
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