Tom Burke

Worked With

Year Name Title
2013 Kristin Scott Thomas The Invisible Woman
2013 Ralph Fiennes The Invisible Woman
2013 Ryan Gosling Only God Forgives
2013 Kristin Scott Thomas Only God Forgives
2012 Dominic West The Hour: Series 02
2012 Juliet Stevenson The Hour: Series 02
2009 Kathy Bates Chéri
2009 Michelle Pfeiffer Chéri
2008 Kevin Spacey Telstar
2008 Rita Tushingham Telstar
2004 Johnny Depp The Libertine
2004 John Malkovich The Libertine
2004 Samantha Morton The Libertine
2004 Francesca Annis The Libertine
2003 Jim Broadbent The Young Visiters
2003 Sophie Thompson The Young Visiters
2003 Bill Nighy The Young Visiters
2003 Hugh Laurie The Young Visiters
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