5th in the GREATEST movies list!

By William22James
Written October 10, 2013
Ozu was a master film maker and Tokyo Story is considered his best of the best! Although I enjoyed the film immensensely, I have already seen in in theaters approximately TEN big ones. Starting back in the 70's when it became available is this country. Of course I own manyl DVD's of Tokyo Story and of most of Ozu other films. BOOKS on Ozu also! So this was a Homeconimg of sorts for me, since I hade not seen Tokyo Story for abvout three years. The classic story of the old parents visiting their -- now adult -- children in the BIG CITY, of Tokyo is a cliche. There are many twists and turns in the plot. It becomes clear the NORIKO the dead-sons widow who cares for them and show the most afftection. Their own children are just two busy. But then something surprising happens and everything is turn on it's head (for an Ozu movie.) I won't give that away -- but just recommend that you by the Criterion DVD of Tokyo Story (anD my favorite Ozu film, EARLy SUMMMER.
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