An interesting take on society

By CoxP9
Written March 02, 2009
The underlying themes in these three short films come together to create a unique motif about the social disconnect we experience in today's society. Definitely a great movie, especially because all three films are very different, but express ideas that contribute to an overall theme. Well written, good direction, and a great film to think about.
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Playful, funny and inspired

By flopster325
Written March 16, 2009
It's been a while since I've seen an intellectually compelling film in theaters so I was very excited for Tokyo! and it didn't disappoint. The three-in-one series is perfectly executed: diverse in emotional range but thematically consistent. Definitely catch dinner after wards so you have time to discuss.,
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Terrific Tokyo!

By dingos8maibaby
Written May 18, 2009
Three original tales tied together by a singular cityscape, "Tokyo!" really is an amazingly beautiful look into not only human nature but also the capacity to find magic in the mundane. The three foreign directors manage to tell their tales in such a way that cultural borders are broken, allowing the simplicity of their storytelling to shine through. The characters range from charming to terrifying, amicable to devious. Whether watching a young couple navigate the rigors of city life or witnessing the monstrous Mr. ***** "ravage" the city, you're always watching three dimensional characters as opposed to cardboard cutouts filmmakers seem to be using more and more these days. Watching Tokyo! was a surrealistic and highly visceral experience that i can't wait to sit through it again. Here's hoping the reports of a June 30th DVD release are to be believed. Check out Tokyo! as soon as you get the chance, because you will never look at the city the same way again.
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Tokyo! Giant Film for Giant City!

By lyons1006
Written April 10, 2009
Three short films with a common thread--Tokyo! explores the social impact of the giant megalopolis for which it is named. Directors Michel Gondry, Leos Carax, and Joon-ho bong combine forces, contributing stories that will transform your concept of civilization. Gondry's "Interior Design" centers on a young woman searching for her purpose in the cramped and fast-paced urbanity which envelops her. Carax's "*****" explores our tolerance for the grotesque, as it follows the wake of a mysterious green villian and the disaster he leaves wherever he goes. Joon-ho's "Shaking Tokyo" depicts a hermit's relationship with his only outside human contact, a pizza delivery girl. Combined, these three distinct stories each present us with a unique fantasy, yet all echo a common theme.
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Creative delicacy

By fabricwarp
Written March 15, 2009
Words can't suffice as to what I got from this film.....I was like a kid in a candy shop. creativity, innovation and imagination is my candy. If there are others out there with this hunger, then I suggest this film to please and satisfy that hunger. It's a moving painting.
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