Special Moments

By AmyEC
Written November 22, 2010
The best thing about this movie is the many wonderful moments between the characters. Samir's mother greets him with an elaborate ritual of kisses on his cheeks and forehead, and whispering what I presume to be prayers in each of his ears while he silently looks at her with affectionate patience, waiting until she's done to say, "Hi Mom." At a dinner party with the woman who's becoming his girlfriend he teaches her how to eat a particular dish with her fingers, and you can feel the heat of their eye contact. Akbar, the cab driver / chef, invites Samir to breakfast at his home and regales him with stories from his impossibly colorful past. Samir, who has dominated the cooks who work for him, approaches his father with awkward timidity. The actors take turns stealing the movie from each other, and Aasif Mandvi has a hurt puppy dog look that should come with a warning label for women who have heart conditions. Terrific date movie. Great family movie.
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This is a great movie that should have been rated G except for on Fbomb

By Iheartthecinema
Written December 07, 2010
I loved this movie and will definitely take my eleven and fourteen year old boys. There was NO Nudity, Violence, Sex, nothing that merited an R. There was a scene where the "hero" yells F and the gross cook yells F and then quits. That was it in terms of adult content. The lead is wonderful, the love interest is wonderful, the writing and sets were great. Naseeruddin Shah, the man who plays the cabbie/chef who saves the day should get a nomination for best supporting actor. He had wonderful lines, but his delivery and charm stole the movie. This was a great family story. Also, it made me want to search for the highest rated Indian restaurant I could find and go eat some of this gorgeous food!!
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By Ecua Foodie
Written December 15, 2010
This was def the best movie i have seen in all of 2010. Hell of a way to wrap up the year! Great for dates, families, and FOODIES!!! Cant wait for the DVD!
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Five Word Review

By rejuva
Written November 19, 2010
must go sensitive feel-good funny
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Five Word Review

By extrap
Written November 17, 2010
Food Family Fun Horny Henna
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