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By michelle.spencer
Written May 23, 2017
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Written February 21, 2017
i mean really, Grace Kelly on a large screen --- WOW- she could have easily done HIGH DEFINITION TV. She is perfect and there is never anything bad to say about Cary Grant. We need more like him these days. These two are actors and these days we just have entertainers. Really cool on the big screen.
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To Catch a Thief

By Derrick Deane
Written February 07, 2016
This Hitchcock movie falls more under the category of mystery than the thriller/suspense/horror that the famed director is well-known for. The movie belongs to his two leads - Cary Grant and Grace Kelly, but the supporting cast is equally entertaining and offers some humorous comedy between the main plot. The problem I have with this movie is the last third. Every time I watch it, this is where I lose interest. The pacing of the whole film just seems to slow down rather than quicken and the final scene seems so unnecessarily forced but nonetheless necessary. For those who don't know, there is a car chase sequence in the middle portion of the movie where Grant and Kelly are being chased by a pair of undercover police men. The road that they are shown driving on is the same road that Kelly would plummet from thirty years later and eventually die from the trauma. Everytime I watch that sequence, I can't help but think in the back of my mind, that's the road that killed Grace Kelly.
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By dachmama
Written February 03, 2013
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It's a classic! What's not to like?

By NashRussell
Written February 08, 2016
Loved seeing the movie on the big screen. Some of the best dialog in a movie ever and delivered by some of the best actors in cinema history. Definitely worth your time to see!
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