To Catch a Thief Synopsis
A retired cat burglar (Cary Grant) sees fireworks with an heiress (Grace Kelly).
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By michelle.spencer
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i mean really, Grace Kelly on a large screen --- WOW- she could have easily done HIGH DEFINITION TV. She is perfect and there is never anything bad to say about Cary Grant. We need more like him...

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By dachmama
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To Catch a Thief

By Derrick Deane
This Hitchcock movie falls more under the category of mystery than the thriller/suspense/horror that the famed director is well-known for. The movie belongs to his two leads - Cary Grant and Grace...

It's a classic! What's not to like?

By NashRussell
Loved seeing the movie on the big screen. Some of the best dialog in a movie ever and delivered by some of the best actors in cinema history. Definitely worth your time to see!...

Classic Hitchcock

By dgalbers
Had never seen the movie in its entirety or in a movie theater. Hitchcock was at his best. The colors in the movie were vivid. The plot had twists and turns that now a days, most people would...

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By lauraleigodfrey
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Classicly fun abd edgy!

By Goosapotomus
I loved this movie: flirtation, action & humor. A recipe for awesome!...

To Catch A Thief

By kathiemac2
Fabulous movie. Cary Grant is so handsome, Grace Kelly is so beautiful (Perfect Princess) Have seen numerous times but always better on the big screen...

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By jhonosan
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Rated PG | For Some Action Violence, Smoking and Mild Suggestive Material
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Common Sense Media says A riveting, rollicking Hitchcock suspense classic.
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