Toby Hemingway

Worked With

Year Name Title
2015 Eric Roberts Charlie, Trevor and a Girl Savannah
2013 Billy Zane The Ganzfeld Haunting
2012 Christian Slater Playback
2012 Frances Fisher The Silent Thief
2011 Theresa Russell 1 Out of 7
2011 Cillian Murphy In Time
2010 Winona Ryder Black Swan
2010 Barbara Hershey Black Swan
2010 Natalie Portman Black Swan
2010 Vincent Cassel Black Swan
2007 Greg Kinnear Feast of Love
2007 Morgan Freeman Feast of Love
2007 Jane Alexander Feast of Love
2007 Fred Ward Feast of Love
2006 Stephen McHattie The Covenant
2006 Wendy Crewson The Covenant
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