Tobe Hooper
Date of Birth
Jan 25, 1943
Birth Place:
Austin, TX

Worked With

Year Name Title
2002 John Landis Masters of Horror
2002 David Cronenberg Masters of Horror
2002 Guillermo del Toro Masters of Horror
2002 George A. Romero Masters of Horror
2002 Dario Argento Masters of Horror
2002 Bruce Campbell Masters of Horror
2002 Wes Craven Masters of Horror
2002 John Carpenter Masters of Horror
2000 John Landis The American Nightmare
2000 David Cronenberg The American Nightmare
2000 John Carpenter The American Nightmare
2000 George A. Romero The American Nightmare
2000 Tom Savini The American Nightmare
2000 Wes Craven The American Nightmare
1993 George "Buck" Flower Body Bags
1993 David Naughton Body Bags
1993 Charles Napier Body Bags
1993 Sam Raimi Body Bags
1993 Wes Craven Body Bags
1993 Roger Corman Body Bags
1993 Stacy Keach Body Bags
1993 Twiggy Body Bags
1993 Tom Arnold Body Bags
1993 John Carpenter Body Bags
1993 Mark Hamill Body Bags
1993 Robert Carradine Body Bags
1993 David Warner Body Bags
1992 Mark Hamill Sleepwalkers
1992 Joe Dante Sleepwalkers
1992 Clive Barker Sleepwalkers
1992 Alice Krige Sleepwalkers
1992 Stephen King Sleepwalkers
1992 John Landis Sleepwalkers
1992 Ron Perlman Sleepwalkers
1986 Wes Craven Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors
1986 Rick Baker Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors
1986 Dennis Hopper The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
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