Throw a smoke pellet in front of this one

By sethrich
Written April 12, 2007
If anyone is close with Raphael and can snatch a few smoke pellets from him, throw one in front of this new TMNT movie. Chances are, movie-watchers who aren't fans of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles probably won't enjoy this one. Thus, I only recommend this movie to fans of the turtles. Even as a fan of many years, I was somewhat disappointed, but I was entertained regardless. Pros: the animation and visuals are stellar, and there is plenty of action. Cons: the jokes and dialogue are cheesy, and the story isn't exciting.
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Entertaining - especially for the kids

By super-e
Written May 08, 2007
I took my kids to see this one and they really enjoyed it. They are 2, 4, and one of their friends is 4. All three were glued to the screen (except for potty breaks) and loved watching. The fight scenes were tame and not scary. For the adults, it was ok, but not something I'd run out to see normally.
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By junior_rock_head
Written March 24, 2007
Good movie an worth going to see!!
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By josephbarriera97
Written June 10, 2013
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By tylerdurdenks
Written March 26, 2007
heard some familiar voices in it like Sarah Michelle Gellar and Patrick Stewart. the movie was really well done, it didnt look like your average cartoon. it was a good story, what happens is all 4 turtles are starting to do their own thing b/c the shredder was gone and there were no more bad guys...blah blah, there are these random monsters out roaming that if put together can open up some other dimension or something. and there's your story. over all i would say 3 outta 5 stars on this
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