Titus Welliver
Date of Birth
Mar 12, 1961
Birth Place:
New Haven, CT


Actor Titus Welliver sailed to fame as a character player, largely via television roles. Though Welliver exhibited such an individualistic presence (and appearance) that his identity became inextricable from the casts of the programs in which he played, he also evinced such versatility with characterizations that series creators (and feature producers) were able to successfully cast him as a broad spectrum of occupational types, from cops to physicians to military sergeants. Regular roles included Officer Jack Lowery on Steven Bochco's short-lived police drama Brooklyn South and Silas Adams on the revisionist Western show Deadwood; he also had a recurring role as physician Dr. Mondzac on the seminal cop series NYPD Blue. Welliver's cinematic resumé includes parts in such features as The Doors (1991), Mulholland Falls (1996), Assault on Precinct 13 (2005), and Gone Baby Gone (2007). Welliver continued to work heavily in television, booking guest appearances on shows like NCIS, Prison Break and Supernatural, before joining Lost in a pivotal final-season role as The Man in Black. His profile justifiably raised, Welliver booked recurring gigs on Sons of Anarchy and The Good Wife. After working with director Ben Affleck in Gone Baby Gone, Welliver appeared in his next two films, The Town (2010) and the Academy Award-winning Argo (2012). ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi

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