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By jwelch5742
Written April 15, 2015
This was excellent film. This had great Cinematography, Film Editing, Sound Mixing, Sound Effects Editing, Visual Effects, Art Direction, Costume Design, Directing, Producers, great Song and wonderful music Score.
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3D Experience of Titanic

By niki.r
Written April 15, 2015
Before deciding to spend the money on this movie in 3D, I read the reviews. While I believe their was room for more 3D opportunity to make it even greater, I was as in love with this movie this time as I was when I saw it the first time. This movie isn't about the action, it is about the characters. It is about the love story that we all want to connect with. In 3D it felt like you were actually next to the characters. We did see it in IMAX which I thoroughly recommend...if you are going to spend the money, it may as well be the best you can see. I took the whole family which included two 14 year old girls and a 12 year old son. They loved it as much as my husband and I did. Because it is written from a real historical event, it gave us the opportunity to talk about it afterward. There are no new scenes, or new things added, just 3D. So if you know the movie and love it and just want to experience being IN it or are seeing it for the first time, it is totally worth it!
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titanic imax3d!

By funbuncakes
Written March 09, 2015
the imax3d was great! it felt like the first time i had ever watched Titanic even tho i have seen it a hundred times... its definatley worth going to see in imax3d... its feels like you are right there in the movie it gives you chills!
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A Masterpiece Film And Extraordinary Experience In IMAX.

By Alon Patterson
Written April 15, 2015
Think you've seen Titanic? Think again if you haven't seen it in IMAX. Even with the dimness and somewhat washed out color 3D does to movies (when will they ever end this gimmick?), the IMAX format more than makes up for it. In fact, were it not for the damaging effect 3D has on the film, today's exhibition venues bring a superiority in visuals and sound not present 20+ years ago, when this writer saw last saw Titanic. If you're able to sit 3+ hours without an intermission, I strongly recommend you see this film the way it was intended to be seen, as it is a masterful work like none other in movies. If all you've ever seen is a TV cropped-screen version with basic "home" sound, you're in for a real treat in any theater's format but IMAX is superb. See it. You won't be disappointed.
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Simply Amazing

By tracyldavis70
Written March 09, 2015
I have seen this movie more times than I can count, but the experience of seeing it again on the big screen in 3-D, was the most amazing things that I have seen in a very long time. It was like you were on the Titanic with Rose and Jack and it put you right there in the middle of this terrible tragedy. It was beautiful, heartbreaking and well worth seeing. I loved it. Thank you James Cameron, it was amazing.
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