See it in


By suemarie
Written September 04, 2014
I have seen this movie many times, but it has been a while. I saw it last night in a huge theater ( Regal ) in 3D and it was almost like seeing it for the first time. I was totally engrossed and got weepy. The 3D is subttle, but it did look great. See it again or see it for the first time. Fantastic!
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Titanic 3D

By Chentzu
Written April 14, 2015
I love this movie!!! I own it in all media!! When it came out the first time I went to the theater 5 times. I had no idea how much this movie was to play a part in my life until I lost my husband and then three years later my daughter. So now everyday I must tell myself that I must go on for them. I went to the preview last night and when Jack tells Rose that she must go on and live her life no matter how bad things get to go on and never forget, it reminded me that I must go on for them. You must go see this movie!! Not only because of the historical value but because it is a love story that will play over and over in your heart.
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You need to go back to Titanic!

By Starshine_111174
Written April 04, 2012
I was a huge fan of Titanic when it first was released, seeing it 14 times in the theater, so needless to say I was very excited for the 3D release. I have incredibly inflated expectations, and Titanic in 3D surpassed them all. I felt like I was seeing the movie for the first time. There was so much depth and detail - you feel like you are walking the boat deck with Jack and Rose. I cannot recommend this movie high enough. It is utterly fantastic and everyone should go see it!
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Loved it

By ltnpapi909
Written February 06, 2017
A whole different perspective in 3D and some scenes I noticed different things that I didn't notice before, probably because they stood out in 3D. Would love to go see it again.
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Titanic 3D

By sirmiles99
Written December 23, 2015
A great movie to see in 3D. Much better than I anticipated. And great to be reminded not only of the historical event but to be reminded of the fabulous chemistry between Leo and Kate.
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