Walked out of this movie

By reasonedreviewer
Written January 07, 2012
Wow - what an unsatisfying, disappointment of a movie. Was really looking forward to seeing Gary Oldman - it would have been nice if he spoke sometime in the first 20 minutes of the movie, rather than looking furtively at the good guys, or maybe the bad guys - couldn't tell one from the other, and really didn't care. I have walked out on exactly one movie in my life, and thanks to Tinker Tailor, my tally is now two. What a relief to leave the theater. My only regrets are: 1) not leaving sooner, and 2) not yelling, "does anyone in the theater know, or care, what is going on here?" I have heard that if you have read the book, the movie is really good - I guess it's unfortunate I haven't read the book - and now I have no interest. Can someone please let me know how I can get an hour of my life back?
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Tinker Tailor

By lindarein
Written December 13, 2011
Manages to distill an enormously detailed and often confusing story into a two-hour movie that keeps moving while maintaining a seemingly leisurely pace. So much is told by the remarkable images; there is very little dialogue. This is a mature and memorable performance from Gary Oldman, and the supporting cast is perhaps the best ensemble in a drama this year, with special mention to the great and glorious John Hurt. LeCarre's spy story may seem dull and ordinary to those who didn't live through the Cold War, but for those of us who did, it provides a kind of reassuring nostalgia. Maybe if we got through all of that, we can get through all of this.
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Lost and Bored

By rob808pf
Written January 01, 2012
I'll start by saying I've read spy novels and like Cold War history, but this movie was a total dud. I was lost for at least the first 20 minutes and bored for the 95% of the movie. The movie went nowhere and did it painfully slowly. I've never looked at my watch so many times in a theater before.
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Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

By jplazareck
Written December 27, 2011
Gripping cerebral mystery about the search for a traitor in British intelligence during the Cold War. I was fully engaged by the story and the acting, though some of my friends found it hard to follow.
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By vcalmuscle
Written December 18, 2011
If not for the strong performance of Gary Oldman as George Smiley, this film might have ended up in the garbage heap. A difficult film to edit, due to the twists and turns and flashback sequences, luckily it added to the intrigue; but just enough to keep the story alive. Where this film excels is the acting and subject matter. An excellent example of espionage in the Cold War Era--it was always hard to tell who played for which side. Colin Firth is honorable mention.
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