Tina Menard

Worked With

Year Name Title
1982 Diana Scarwid Desperate Lives
1982 Mykelti Williamson Desperate Lives
1982 William Windom Desperate Lives
1982 Helen Hunt Desperate Lives
1982 Diane Ladd Desperate Lives
1982 Doug McKeon Desperate Lives
1981 Kim Basinger Hard Country
1981 Michael Parks Hard Country
1981 Daryl Hannah Hard Country
1980 Vincent Schiavelli Escape
1980 Colleen Dewhurst Escape
1980 Timothy Bottoms Escape
1980 Michael Connors Nightkill
1980 Fritz Weaver Nightkill
1980 Robert Mitchum Nightkill
1980 James Franciscus Nightkill
1978 Elaine May California Suite
1978 Jane Fonda California Suite
1978 Bill Cosby California Suite
1978 Walter Matthau California Suite
1978 James Coburn California Suite
1978 Richard Pryor California Suite
1978 Alan Alda California Suite
1978 Maggie Smith California Suite
1978 Herb Edelman California Suite
1978 Michael Caine California Suite
1978 R.G. Armstrong Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell
1978 Victor Jory Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell
1978 Ken Kercheval Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell
1978 Martine Beswicke Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell
1978 Richard Crenna Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell
1978 Yvette Mimieux Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell
1978 Kathy Bates Straight Time
1978 Harry Dean Stanton Straight Time
1978 M. Emmet Walsh Straight Time
1978 Theresa Russell Straight Time
1978 Dustin Hoffman Straight Time
1978 Fran Ryan Straight Time
1978 Gary Busey Straight Time
1975 Raul Julia Death Scream
1975 Sally Kirkland Death Scream
1975 Allyn Ann McLerie Death Scream
1975 Helen Hunt Death Scream
1975 Cloris Leachman Death Scream
1975 Art Carney Death Scream
1975 Ed Asner Death Scream
1975 Diahann Carroll Death Scream
1975 Bert Freed Death Scream
1975 Eric Braeden Death Scream
1970 Michael Landon Bonanza: The Power of Life and Death
1970 Lorne Greene Bonanza: The Power of Life and Death
1969 Alberto Morin Family Affair: Lost in Spain, Part 1
1968 Joyce Jameson The Split
1968 Jackie Joseph The Split
1968 Robert Foulk The Split
1968 Diahann Carroll The Split
1968 Ernest Borgnine The Split
1968 Jack Klugman The Split
1968 Jim Brown The Split
1968 Donald Sutherland The Split
1968 Warren Oates The Split
1968 Gene Hackman The Split
1968 Julie Harris The Split
1968 James Whitmore The Split
1963 Vito Scotti Dime with a Halo
1963 Bert Remsen The Fugitive: Never Wave Goodbye, Part 2
1963 Robert Duvall The Fugitive: Never Wave Goodbye, Part 2
1962 Frank de Kova Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Strange Miracle
1962 Eduardo Ciannelli Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Strange Miracle
1962 David Opatoshu Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Strange Miracle
1962 Lorne Greene Bonanza: Knight Errant
1962 John Doucette Bonanza: Knight Errant
1962 Gil Perkins Bonanza: Knight Errant
1962 Michael Landon Bonanza: Knight Errant
1962 Ray Teal Bonanza: Knight Errant
1962 Robert Stevenson Have Gun, Will Travel: A Miracle for St. Francis
1958 Frank Marlowe Escape from Red Rock
1958 Brian Donlevy Escape from Red Rock
1958 Dan White Escape from Red Rock
1958 Jay C. Flippen Escape from Red Rock
1958 Royal Dano Man of the West
1958 Joe Dominguez Man of the West
1958 Arthur O'Connell Man of the West
1958 Jack Lord Man of the West
1958 Julie London Man of the West
1958 John Dehner Man of the West
1958 Gary Cooper Man of the West
1958 Lee J. Cobb Man of the West
1956 Carroll Baker Giant
1956 Charles Meredith Giant
1956 James Dean Giant
1956 Barbara Barrie Giant
1956 Mercedes McCambridge Giant
1956 Earl Holliman Giant
1956 Rock Hudson Giant
1956 Sal Mineo Giant
1956 Monte Hale Giant
1956 Chill Wills Giant
1956 Jane Withers Giant
1956 Alexander Scourby Giant
1956 Mickey Simpson Giant
1956 Max "Alibi" Terhune Giant
1956 Dennis Hopper Giant
1956 Paul Fix Giant
1956 Elizabeth Taylor Giant
1956 Rod Taylor Giant
1954 Joe Dominguez Green Fire
1954 Murvyn Vye Green Fire
1954 John Ericson Green Fire
1954 Paul Douglas Green Fire
1954 Stewart Granger Green Fire
1954 Grace Kelly Green Fire
1954 Alberto Morin Green Fire
1954 Jack Elam Jubilee Trail
1954 Dan White Jubilee Trail
1954 Pat O'Brien Jubilee Trail
1954 John Russell Jubilee Trail
1954 Jack O'Shea Jubilee Trail
1954 Richard Webb Jubilee Trail
1954 Forrest Tucker Jubilee Trail
1954 Glenn Strange Jubilee Trail
1954 Ray Middleton Jubilee Trail
1954 Vera Miles Jubilee Trail
1954 Don Haggerty Jubilee Trail
1954 Buzz Henry Jubilee Trail
1954 John Holland Jubilee Trail
1954 Joan Leslie Jubilee Trail
1954 Don Beddoe Jubilee Trail
1954 Joe Dominguez Jubilee Trail
1954 Buddy Baer Jubilee Trail
1954 Barton MacLane Jubilee Trail
1954 Perry Lopez Jubilee Trail
1953 Charles Laughton Salome
1953 Robert Warwick Salome
1953 Judith Anderson Salome
1953 Theda Bara Salome
1953 Cedric Hardwicke Salome
1953 Alan Badel Salome
1953 Rita Hayworth Salome
1953 Stewart Granger Salome
1953 Mickey Simpson Salome
1953 Charles Wagenheim Salome
1953 Basil Sydney Salome
1953 Fortunio Bonanova Second Chance
1953 Robert Mitchum Second Chance
1953 Linda Darnell Second Chance
1953 Max Wagner Second Chance
1953 Roy Roberts Second Chance
1953 Jack Palance Second Chance
1953 Milburn Stone Second Chance
1953 Joe Dominguez Second Chance
1953 Burgess Meredith Second Chance
1953 Michael Tolan Second Chance
1950 Hope Emerson Caged
1950 Jan Sterling Caged
1950 Ellen Corby Caged
1950 Don Beddoe Caged
1950 Jane Darwell Caged
1950 Harlan Warde Caged
1950 Lee Patrick Caged
1950 Frances Morris Caged
1950 Eleanor Parker Caged
1950 Ruth Warren Caged
1950 Billy Wayne Caged
1950 Charles Meredith Caged
1950 Davison Clark Caged
1950 Agnes Moorehead Caged
1950 Glenn Strange Surrender
1950 Paul Fix Surrender
1950 Francis Lederer Surrender
1950 Roy Barcroft Surrender
1950 Mickey Simpson Surrender
1950 Walter Brennan Surrender
1950 Esther Dale Surrender
1950 Jane Darwell Surrender
1950 John Carroll Surrender
1950 Dick Elliott Surrender
1950 Stanley Andrews Where Danger Lives
1950 Claude Rains Where Danger Lives
1950 Joey Ray Where Danger Lives
1950 Jack Kelly Where Danger Lives
1950 Maureen O'Sullivan Where Danger Lives
1950 Robert Mitchum Where Danger Lives
1950 Gaylord "Steve" Pendleton Where Danger Lives
1950 Philip Van Zandt Where Danger Lives
1950 Faith Domergue Where Danger Lives
1950 Mike Lally Where Danger Lives
1950 Ray Teal Where Danger Lives
1950 Jack Kruschen Where Danger Lives
1950 Duke York Where Danger Lives
1950 Ethan Laidlaw Where Danger Lives
1950 Robert Stevenson Where Danger Lives
1949 John Huston We Were Strangers
1949 Pedro Armendáriz We Were Strangers
1949 Jennifer Jones We Were Strangers
1949 Ramon Novarro We Were Strangers
1949 Gilbert Roland We Were Strangers
1949 John Garfield We Were Strangers
1948 Peter Lorre Casbah
1948 Yvonne De Carlo Casbah
1948 Houseley Stevenson, Sr. Casbah
1948 Herbert Rudley Casbah
1948 Thomas Gomez Casbah
1948 Virginia Gregg Casbah
1948 Eartha Kitt Casbah
1948 Kathleen Freeman Casbah
1948 Sam Harris Casbah
1946 George Lynn Notorious
1946 Virginia Gregg Notorious
1946 Frank Marlowe Notorious
1946 Howard Mitchell Notorious
1946 Antonio Moreno Notorious
1946 Howard Negley Notorious
1946 Claude Rains Notorious
1946 Ingrid Bergman Notorious
1946 Cary Grant Notorious
1946 Louis Calhern Notorious
1940 Arthur Shields The Long Voyage Home
1940 Lee Shumway The Long Voyage Home
1940 John Wayne The Long Voyage Home
1940 Thomas Mitchell The Long Voyage Home
1940 Wyndham Standing The Long Voyage Home
1940 Douglas Walton The Long Voyage Home
1940 Mildred Natwick The Long Voyage Home
1940 John Qualen The Long Voyage Home
1940 Ian Hunter The Long Voyage Home
1940 Ward Bond The Long Voyage Home
1940 Wilfred Lawson The Long Voyage Home
1940 J. Warren Kerrigan The Long Voyage Home
1940 Barry Fitzgerald The Long Voyage Home
1940 Joe Sawyer The Long Voyage Home
1940 Billy Bevan The Long Voyage Home
1940 James Flavin The Long Voyage Home
1937 Charles Bickford Daughter of Shanghai
1937 Cecil Cunningham Daughter of Shanghai
1937 Larry "Buster" Crabbe Daughter of Shanghai
1937 Fred Kohler Daughter of Shanghai
1937 Mae Busch Daughter of Shanghai
1937 Evelyn Brent Daughter of Shanghai
1937 Paul Fix Daughter of Shanghai
1937 J. Carrol Naish Daughter of Shanghai
1937 Archie Twitchell Daughter of Shanghai
1937 Anna May Wong Daughter of Shanghai
1937 Anthony Quinn Daughter of Shanghai
1937 John Hart Daughter of Shanghai
1937 Lee Shumway Daughter of Shanghai
1936 Dick Curtis The Traitor
1936 Jack Rockwell The Traitor
1936 Frank Melton The Traitor
1936 Tim McCoy The Traitor
1935 William Desmond Born to Battle
1935 Jean Arthur Born to Battle
1935 Nelson McDowell Born to Battle
1935 Tex Palmer Born to Battle
1935 Tom Tyler Born to Battle
1935 Charles King Born to Battle
1934 Art Ortego Loser's End
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