Tim's Vermeer Synopsis
Tim Jenison investigates Dutch Master Johannes Vermeer's painting techniques.
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I haven't been so fascinated by a movie in a Decade

By neirbookeik
I attended this movie with an art historian who also found the film interesting. I had not been aware of the camara obscura hypothesis and they made a rather convincing presentation in support of it....


By nmchickflick
Although I knew the premise of the movie I did not realize how engaging it would be. Tim Jenisen's efforts to prove his theory about how Vermeer painted were like watching a "murder" mystery...

The intersection of Technology and Art

By trishgf
It is inspiring when one gets to witness the testing of a theory and the discovery that art embodies science. Tim's journey to answer a question that combines his love and genius at technology with...


By eraff
Incredibly well done. Highly informative and entertaining. You'll leave this movie with a greater understanding of Vermeer's artwork and an immense respect for Tim Jenison's passion, intellect, and...

Tim's Vermeer maybe better than the original

By everyweek60706
A really fascinating experiment by a fascinating man. Saw it late in the run with a small but engaged audience. It's amazing to see what the guy puts into it and how successful he is in the process...

Art History Documentary

By holmg418
My wife and I enjoyed this film very much because it was different and made us think about the relationship between art and science. I don't think this film will have a wide audience but it will...

Tim's Vermeer

By annmenebroker
Although I am not an artist, I have worked in art galleries and studied and read up on the subject a little, and I found Tim's Vermeer technically fascinating and highly plausible. I was not bored...


By juliepryor99
What a fascinating movie! It is engaging and intently interesting. If you love documentaries, you will love this movie!...

Art lovers must see

By plumisland
Others may not appreciate it as much. Story not only of Vermeer but of one man's obsession to figure it out. Loved it....


By rinatlevco
It is thought provoking and inspiring! Best documentary I saw until this day....

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Rated PG-13 | For Some strong language