Do you like off beat, fantasies then maybe you'll be interested

By sangoriecloak
Written April 25, 2008
If Legend, Dark Crystal, Labrynth, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, and Goonies were all equally loved by you then give this movie a try. I loved it, over and over again as a kid then I was like WTF, and now I like it again, it takes a certain type though I must say.
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A Cult Classic

By filmwatcher42
Written May 18, 2007
I can't say that this movie was good exactly, but it is one of my all time favorites. Conceptually it is simple, delightfully heretical, and - in typical Terry Gilliam fashion - completely bizaar. It is not historically accurate and the end is baffling at best, but sometimes the random and weird fit together in just the right combination to make a classic.
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By heathart
Written September 15, 2013
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