Tiger & Bunny: The Movie: The Rising Synopsis
Apollon Media's new owner fires Kotetsu and pairs Barnaby with a new partner.

Movie Reviews

Great balance of action and character introspection

By aaronc811
Tiger and Bunny has always been unique in that is treats it's super heroes like normal humans going to a job, as in they are people with their own persona issues and relationships to work out, who...

Great Movie that Pulls in a Fun Crowd

By Feathered Fury
This film was hilarious and inspirational. As with many anime movies, it brought in a silly crowd who uwed and awed at all of the right moments. I recommend this movie even if you have not yet seen...


By vircocha1
Great story, great effects and OMG FANSERVICE!!! A background story for Nathan finally!...

love the bunny!

By aurankhan