not that bad

By xxkarmaxx
Written September 06, 2015
I saw this movie a cuple weeks ago. It was not even half bad. Pretty funny movie. I thought the only flaw and this is not that important of a flaw but there was not a lot of violence in the movie. I would recomended renting it if ur bored and have absolutly nothing to do for the day.
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Mildly Entertaining

By pmf005
Written January 16, 2016
This movie is absolutely awful. Great cast besides the strange redneck, Ice Cube, and the copious amounts of Iraqi extras who spoke flawless English. Poor script writing that involves an overwhelmingly obvious political agenda. Setting couldn't look more like it was filmed in New Mexico. Metacritic usually does an accurate job of rating movies, but this time, an 82 is way off. It is clear that the producers not only had a high budget for casting but also for paying off cinema reviewers.
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