Thor: The Dark World Marathon 3D Synopsis
Don't miss your only chance to see both Thor and Thor: The Dark World on the big screen.

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Thor: The Dark World 3D

By TheVulgarGamer
OK, so I go to a lot of movies. Especially comic book-based movies. I loved the first Thor. I thought it was the right amounts and combinations of action, comedy and scenery. In the new one,...

3D Marathon paid off- Like Thor? Gotta go!

By thefishareinthetub
I had not seen the first Thor Courage is Immortal, since it was released, Marvel Avengers about 8 times, and Thor Dark World was the new release. Loved it. My son was the push behind trying out the...


By csummers021971
Outstanding,,,,,keeps you on the edge of your seat!...

awesome movie

By keithklee
must see movie, they did a great job....

Thor: The Dark World

By sybritt76
Lots of humor to go with the action, similar to Iron Man 3...including the twists. I loved the movie and was very entertained....

By jennyakter
Love you Thor & Loki!!!!...


By aneesavadgama


Great fun. Loved seeing Thor, The Avengers and Thor: Dark World all in a row!!! TDW used Atmos for sound and it was amazing. Take a friend! Great effects!!! Thank you Chris Hemsworth! :-)...

Thor the dark world

By hillcarole1
really fun. many surprises. great movie...

Thor 2

By airangel85
awesome!! tom hiddleston at his finest!!!...

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Rated PG-13 | For intense sci-fi action/violence