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Good fun!

By lilybeth
Written May 08, 2011
As a super fan of all things super hero I was specially excited about Thor as as I grew up watching re-runs of the God of Thunder. Overall, I liked the movie - consistent story line, action, humor, a hint of romance&some pretty neat special effects. Chris Hemsworth was amazing! It sure wasn't a sacrifice to sit through the movie let me tell you..! As enjoyable as it was, I do have some criticisms: I wish the story line in the human realm would have been a little more developed. So much time was spent in Asgard that the time spent on our realm seemed a bit rushed. As far as the characters go, Natalie Portman is amazing in everything she does, however, in this particular movie I felt a lack of substance in her role &therefore I didn't feel as strong of a connection between Thor and Jane. All in all though, these did not detract from the overall enjoyment of the film& can't wait for a Thor sequel (not the avengers, but a Thor 2) to delve deeper..Enjoy!
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By FunSized13
Written August 13, 2011
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By nycubalibre
Written June 11, 2011
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Thor review

By cbspock
Written November 11, 2011
Good movie. Can't wait to see the Avengers
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Loved it!

By April_LeAnn
Written February 17, 2012
I thought this movie was great!!! Can't wait to see him in Avengers & maybe a Thor 2!!!
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