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Thor Movie Review

By spencerhutapea
Written September 30, 2016
88 out of 100 The God of Thunder is also the God of War, and it's just awesome. Lots of humor and witty action, and an emotional touch with gods the relates to us humans. Thor is a mighty fun superhero popcorn flick for the whole family.
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By dgmdpa
Written May 29, 2012
Critics say so-so, dont listen to them they need a break This is totally mind blowing and you will totally get obsessed with it!!!!!!!!! Three remarks: Sound and view was radical, LOKI IS AWESOME, I WISH I SAW THIS IN IMAX! This movie is for tweens or anyone who loves superheroes
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THOR Must See!!

By djroberto
Written May 15, 2011
My last review was a little screwed up. Thor was action packed. Fun from start to finish. Must see!!
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By chi4bat
Written May 28, 2011
When I saw that this film was directed by Kenneth Brannaugh I thought, "what would he know about Marvel Comics?" Apparently, he knows a lot. Until Thor became...Thor again in the film, I thought the movie was smart, funny, and excellently written. Towards the climax I felt like the story was a little the same time it was good enough for the audience to know that more will be coming in a following film. This film has great comedic timing! The action is fantastic. I think some of the so-so press reviews could be deterring potential fans, which is a shame. I encourage all to watch this film! I
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Great Eye Candy if you are a heterosexual woman

By Chiss_Athena
Written May 06, 2012
Truly enjoyed the movie. Loved Chris as Thor. The love story between Jane and Thor was too fast - needed more time to develop as they did in Green Lantern. Otherwise I love this movie better than Ironman 2. Like Pepper in the first Ironman, I love Jane's character - Strong and Independent, but still sensitive to the people they care about.
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