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Superb Addition To The Marvel Collection.

By Alon Patterson
Written May 06, 2011
In the tradition of Marvel's other films, Thor is as unique as any other. The broader plot tie-in adds special value to what otherwise is an excellent story in itself. This film will play well to a broad audience and except for fantasy violence and a few scary characters, it is most family friendly. The cast is an odd mix but they do work well together, the minor exception being Natalie Portman. In this film, she is seems oddly out of place. My impression was that she had very little attachment to the character she portrays, searches but never quite hits her mark. The visuals in Thor are stunning. End to end, this film is a work of art (or I should say the work of a thousand artists). See this movie. You won't be disappointed. It's well worth the price of a movie ticket.
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By mariel_bravo
Written May 09, 2011
Was taken to this movie by my husband on mothers day! Best Gift Ever!!!!!! What a fantastic piece of eye candy.
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By gabbyleon2002
Written May 19, 2012
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By rejnmoore
Written August 24, 2012
awesome flick
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By brenproc
Written May 24, 2011
The movie was fantastic! I will be buying the DVD. And I will probably have to go back to see it again before it gets to DVD. GREAT movie.
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