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Thor=C, Fandango=F

By nazcalito
Written May 16, 2011
I bought tickets on Fandango, didn't have a printer to print them out, and then went to the theater and showed them my credit card. The theater had no record that I had bought the tickets so I had to pay for them a second time. The movie was not worth double ticket prices that's for sure. Some of the 3d scenes looked like toys or something out of a video game. Whatever movie you go to don't use Fandango, they are no good. Just buy the tickets at the theater and you won't have to pay twice.
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By wblessed
Written May 08, 2011
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By mikedrubin
Written May 08, 2011
Yes the special effects were great (particularly when viewed in 3-D IMAX) and there was tons of action and awesome sound--but what I enjoyed the most about Thor was that there was actually great acting, editing, storytelling. Script provided character development, Shakespearean themes, and an interesting plot. Also, several laugh-out-loud moments. Good comic timing by Natalie, Chris, and the girlf who pllayed Darcy. Whoever she is--she is going to move up towards B list rank. Won't be suprised if she starts getting main or steady support actress roles. She was a hoot. Much of the dialogue was snappy and almost seemed impromptu. THe movie "winked" at itself Chris is a great actor! Will be a huge star after this . PPlus, he is just smokin' HOT!! He had amazing chemistry with Natalie and the actor who played Loki. I like that Loki was not complete black and white--but tortured. Good themes of humility, honor, courage, etc. Plus, great little homage moments and for-tellin
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Excellent special effects but mediocre story

By stefanily
Written May 08, 2011
There was no real character development other than for Thor and Loki. The characters were one dimensional and did not progress throughout the story. The Gatekeeper is probably the only memorable and funny character. The shift between the view of Earth and the homeland was disjointed and the characters were only good for one-liners. Go if you want to see amazing special effects but don't expect an amazing innovative storyline.
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Nice look

By brucebanna
Written May 08, 2011
Great story and direction. Thor had a perfect balance of action and humor andgreat supporting roles such as Anthony Hopkins and Renee Russo.
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